DJ JKino, also known as Jayson “Jay” Aquino, born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, Ca. A first generation Filipino whose love for music started as a young kid in the mid 1980s listening to old-school hip hop, house, and R&B his older cousins would use to play on their boom box. The Power 106 air waves in the 90′s with DJ Vice, DJ Eman, Richard Humpty Vision and Baka Boys inspired JKino to learn the craft.  In addition, following true turntabilist such as DJ Qbert, DJ P-Trix and DJ Jazzy Jeff brought a major influence to pursue a DJ career.


With many years of experience, DJ JKino has MC’d and DJ’d many different occasions. From weddings, special events, charity events, debuts, night clubs, holiday parties, school functions, independent movie premiers, and corporate events.


JKino Currently is the resident DJ for White Rabbit Truck, White Rabbit Cafe, and The BLVD Hotel and Spa.

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